To understand which toothpaste is best, it’s important to know how toothpaste works.


A dental pellicle or biofilm is a transparent slimy layer that forms on the enamel surface by selective binding of proteins present in saliva. It forms in seconds after a tooth is cleaned or after chewing. This young, fresh biofilm is tooth-friendly at this stage.


However, bacteria soon start to adhere to the pellicle. Bacteria form a sticky mass from food deposits also known as plaque. If it is not removed, the new biofilm keeps on accumulating and results in gum inflammation. Soon a friend becomes an enemy.


What does toothpaste do?


The fastest way to get rid of the stickiness of oil from your hands is to wash your hands with soil/fine sand. That’s what toothpaste does, removing biofilm from the tooth by abrasive action as an adjunct with the toothbrush. Those particles can be anything Silica (sand), charcoal, salt, some ground herb, etc. The task is mechanical, not chemical, so it is not important what it contains chemically.


So what’s the criterion?


The discretion we expect from toothpaste is to remove the sticky layer of plaque, without abrading Enamel. For that, the particle size needs to be within a limit- below RDA 250.


Types of toothpaste


Children toothpaste: They are with lower fluoride content than adults.

Sensitivity toothpaste: They are medicated toothpaste, and should be used only when there is sensitivity to hot, cold, sour and sweets in multiple teeth. Prolonged usage of sensitive toothpaste should be avoided. If a single tooth is having sensitivity that might be because of infection so one should consult a dentist.

Tooth whitening toothpaste: They contain cleansers and abrasives that help remove or lessen the appearance of stains.

Herbal toothpaste Dant Kanti or any other herbal toothpaste: is produced according to ayurvedic procedures. They are very abrasive and harm longer use.


Facts about toothpaste


  • Toothpaste contains nicotine which can make you addicted to them e.g Vicco, Smolin.
  • Toothpaste containing alcohol causes dryness of the mouth might cause more harm than good e.g Pepsodent 2in1, Colgate strong teeth.
  • Toothpaste without fluoride doesn’t protect you against cavities e.g Dabur red, Meswak.
  • Toothpaste containing both alcohol and tobacco should not be used e.g Colgate herbal, Himalaya complete care.




Take home message


It is the brushing technique that matters the most, not the toothpaste.


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