Regular dental cleanings are an essential part of good oral hygiene. It not only keeps your teeth and gums healthy, but regular dental cleaning also allows your dentist to get a look at what’s going on with your teeth so that issues like cavities or gingivitis can be treated at an early stage itself. After being in the field of Dentistry for more than 12 years, we have had many experiences of patients having a lot of queries and doubts about teeth cleaning. This is one of the recent experiences we have had in the past.

One day, a young lady came to visit the clinic with a complaint of bleeding while brushing her teeth. Soon after attending to my scheduled patient, I, Dr. Garima Malhotra went to check this lady patient, who was looking quite anxious and nervous. Immediately after sitting on the dental chair, she questioned nervously if I was about to perform a painful procedure. I smiled and told her to calm down. I assured her that I was only getting her check-up done. On seeing her anxious, I asked her if she had had any past dental treatments that had ended up bad. She said, “no, I have heard that dental treatments are very painful.” I tried to explain that back in the old days’ dental treatments were very painful, however, now improvised technology has helped us in making dental procedures pain-free. After listening to this, she felt very comfortable and trusted me that I wouldn’t cause her any pain when examining her. Following her symptoms, I examined her and explained to her that she needed cleaning of teeth and proper gum care as she had a lot of deposits and plaque around her teeth which caused the gums to bleed while brushing. Anxious; she asked me if cleaning would make her teeth weak and loose. After listening to her I ‘smiled’. She asked what happened Doctor? Then I said ‘you know most of the people are living with this myth’. 

I explained to her with the help of an example; water contains many minerals and one of them is calcium that you see around your bucket when you store the water for a few days in a container or bucket. Just like that, saliva in our mouth also contains calcium that gets deposited around our teeth and this deposition grows at the cost of your gums. It leads to the separation of your gums from the teeth and forms a band around them. These bands are most commonly found in the anterior part of the front lower teeth and the exterior part of the upper back teeth. All these deposits usually don’t cause any symptoms hence go unnoticed. 

Very few patients develop symptoms like bad breath, bleeding from gums while brushing and in worst cases, these depositions form a thick band around teeth and act as an anchorage. Hence, when cleaning is performed, patients feel like their teeth are about to fall off or feel loose, however, after removing the deposition, the gums start to heal and become firm and healthy. After listening to the explanation she asked, “so doctor how can I avoid these depositions from building on my teeth and what is the right age of cleaning? 

Do I need to get my teeth cleaned every month or every alternate month?  

For clearing her confusion I explained “See it’s not like that you need cleaning every month because every person has a different deposition rate so some patients need cleaning once a year, some in every 6months and some patients don’t need it at all because their deposition rate is very low they only need to do routine hygiene measures like brushing and flossing. Now, to answer the recommended age of cleaning; the right age for getting a cleaning starts from young. If you start your cleaning at a young age we can control the deposition at its early stage to know the frequency rate of your deposition so that we can guide you when to visit us, also teach you how to maintain your oral hygiene. So, if you follow as told you can live with your natural teeth for a very long period of time or till the end of your life. After this conversation, she was pleased and agreed to do regular cleaning in order to strengthen her gums and maintain her oral hygiene.

We encourage our patients at Complete Dental Solutions to keep their teeth clean during dental visits. Brushing and flossing are absolutely vital for healthy teeth. We recommend that patients brush twice a day. If good dental health matters to you, schedule teeth cleaning appointment with us today!

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