How much does it cost to save your tooth? – Root Canal Treatment Cost


What is root canal treatment? – Root Canal Treatment Cost in Noida

Our teeth are made up of three layers, and the innermost layer is the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth that carries the pain sensation. If the tooth is decayed or there is a crack, the infection reaches the innermost layer called the pulp. The process of cleaning and disinfecting the pulp is called root canal treatment, popularly known as RCT. The cost of root canal treatment usually starts at Rs.5000.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the indications, methods, and aftercare of root canal treatment- brought to you by  Complete Dental Solutions Noida.

Why is RCT necessary: Root Canal Treatment Cost in Noida

Tooth decay

This is the most common cause of damage to the teeth. The decay usually starts as a pinpoint lesion and spreads inwards to the nerves of the teeth. The dental filling is suggested if tooth decay is limited to the first and second layers. However, as it enters the third layer, it causes extreme pain and necessitates root canal therapy.

Cracked tooth

There are various reasons for the tooth getting cracked. The most common cause is using your teeth as tools and biting onto hard food items like ice and walnuts. Once there is a crack, it makes way for the ingress of bacteria into the pulp leading to infection.

Chipped-off or broken tooth

The chipped-off tooth fragment or broken tooth exposes the inner layers of the tooth, making them vulnerable to infection. The timely treatment eliminates the risk of pus formation around the tooth’s root.

The procedure of Root canal Treatment

  • The first step is the detailed clinical examination to assess the severity of the case. Complete Dental Solutions Noida has a team of RCT specialists proficient enough to handle all kinds of cases.
  • Once the diagnosis is made and the clinician decides to go for root canal treatment, the tooth is anesthetized before starting the procedure.
  • Once the tooth is numb, access is made toward the nerves and vessels of the teeth.
  • The infected nerves and vessels are removed, and the canal space is thoroughly cleaned before filling back.
  • Once the cleaning is complete, the space is filled with a biocompatible material that prevents reinfection.
  • After the process, the tooth is either restored with a tooth-colored material or supported by a dental crown.

Aftercare management of RCT – RCT Cost in Noida

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth
  • Do not use teeth as tools to open bottles and packages
  • Do not bite onto hard food items like chewing ice and cracking nuts
  • Do not skip the follow-up visits 

Factors affecting the Treatment Cost – RCT Cost in Noida

Root canal treatment cost in Noida depends on various factors:

  • The severity of the case
  • The number of root canals
  • The type of tooth involved
  • The location of the tooth in the mouth
  • The extent of infection and tooth damage


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