The budget you need for capping the tooth – Dental Crowns Cost


What is a dental crown – Dental Crowns Cost in Noida

A dental cap or crown is a prosthesis customized to cover your teeth from all sides. It is indicated to preserve the remaining tooth structure. It supports the weakened tooth by providing the necessary structural durability. Various materials are used to fabricate the dental crown per your dental requirement. The information provided below will briefly discuss the indications, types, and procedures of fabricating dental crowns- brought to you by Complete Dental Solutions Noida.

The cost of dental crowns at Complete Dental Solutions Noida starts at Rs 5000 and

It is usually dependent on several factors:

  • The type of material used
  • The complexity of the case
  • Total number of teeth involved
  • Any requirement of adjunct procedures like crown lengthening

When are crowns needed – Dental Crowns Cost in Noida

  • The most common reason for dental crown placement is after root canal treatment. The tooth structure gets compromised during RCT, and to prevent it from fracturing, it becomes crucial to provide it support with the help of the dental crown.
  • The tooth can get weakened for any reason, like extensive decay or cavity.
  • A fractured tooth fragment or chipped-off teeth
  • The weakened tooth structure can be due to any reason, like a large cavity
  • To support the separated fragments of the teeth
  • To ensure optimum structural durability
  • To act as an anchor in the bridge
  • To act as a cover for the implant after the implant surgery
  • To reshape malformed teeth

Types of Dental Crowns-PFM Crown Cost in Noida

There are mainly three varieties of dental crowns, and the choice of the material is usually determined by various factors like:

  • The placement of the tooth 
  • The present structural strength of the tooth
  • Requirement of the strength
  • The function of the teeth in the mouth- front teeth are more of an aesthetic concern, whereas the back teeth need to be more involved with eating, so more strength is required.

All metal crown

  • It is the most traditional variety of dental caps
  • Not much aesthetic in appearance
  • More suitable for the back teeth
  • Various metals like gold and silver are used for its fabrication

Porcelain fused to metal or PFM crowns

  • These crowns are made up of a metal base covered with a layer of porcelain 
  • The metal base provides the required strength, and the porcelain over it makes the crown more aesthetic
  • The metal crowns are stronger when compared with PFM but are not aesthetic
  • It is advised to take good care of the PFM crowns as there are chances of porcelain chipping off when the teeth are not used correctly

All ceramic

  • They are the most superior variety aesthetically
  • Indicated especially in the front teeth region
  • It also indicated for people with metal allergy

The procedure of getting a dental crown – Dental Crowns Cost in Noida

  • The process for obtaining a dental crown is generally completed in two sittings
  • In step one, the tooth is prepared to receive the crown material
  • The amount of tooth preparation required for the crown fabrication differs with the type of material used for its fabrication
  • After preparing the tooth, the impression is taken, which is sent to the lab for the fabrication of the crown

Aftercare of dental crowns – PFM Crown Cost in Noida

  • Regularly brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Incorporate flossing at least once a day
  • Periodic follow-ups are important to track any early signs of infection
  • Regular cleaning done by a professional is a must to avoid future problems



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