A Brief about Single Visit Root Canal Treatment – Single Sitting RCT Noida


What is Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment? – Single Sitting RCT Noida

Our teeth comprise three layers, and the innermost layer is called the pulp. The tooth’s pulp contains the nerves and blood vessels that carry the pain sensation from the tooth. The most common cause of tooth damage is tooth decay; once the damage reaches the pulp, it causes immense pain. The infection can spread from the pulp to the surrounding areas of the tooth and damage the bone around the tooth. To prevent this spread and save the tooth, root canal treatment eliminates the source of infection. There are broadly two types of root canal procedures depending on the number of visits required for its completion. 

The whole process is done under the effect of local anesthesia. Our Complete Dental Solutions Noida specialists perform all kinds of root canal procedures. Each tooth is unique, and every case is different. Getting your clinical examination at Complete Dental Solutions Noida is the best way to determine your eligibility for a single-visit RCT.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the advantages, indications, and procedure of single-sitting root canal treatment- brought to you by Complete Dental Solutions Noida.

Single sitting RCT indications – Single Sitting RCT Noida

  • Cracked front tooth
  • Chipped-off tooth fragment
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity not managed by other means
  • Presence of acute infection
  • Absence of pus accumulation
  • Multiple procedures are done in the same tooth
  • You have extreme teeth sensitivity that is not controlled by other means.
  • The tooth needs to be used as an abutment for a dental prosthesis

Single Sitting RCT Advantages – Single Sitting RCT Noida

  • There is not much difference in the cost of single-sitting RCT compared with multiple-sitting RCT
  • It reduces the chances of re-infection of the tooth
  • Less time-consuming that is beneficial for disabled and senior individuals
  • Energy-saving process for the patient 
  • An excellent option for people with TMJ disorders
  • Reduce chances of post-treatment flare-up reactions that are quite painful.
  • Quick recovery and healing time

Single sitting RCT Procedure

  • The first step is a detailed clinical examination and radiographic analysis of the tooth.
  • Before starting the RCT, anesthesia makes the tooth and surrounding areas numb.
  • The tooth cavity is then prepared by removing all the damaged portions of the teeth or to gain entry into the nerves and blood vessels.
  • The pulp is then cleaned and disinfected using special equipment with other medicines.
  • Once the canals are entirely cleaned to achieve complete disinfection, they are sealed and filled with a biocompatible rubber-like filling material called gutta percha to eliminate the chances of reinfection.

Is it a painful process?

The single-sitting root canal treatment is painless as it is carried out under local anesthesia. There are many ways to carry out a root canal treatment and the latest being using dental LASERS.

How long does it take?

Generally speaking, the single-visit root canal treatment is usually done in 45 to 60 mins in a single sitting. However, the time taken may vary per the tooth anatomy and the case’s complexity.


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