Gingival flap surgery – Is flap surgery safe

Gingival flap surgery is a minor surgical procedure to fix advanced gum diseases. In the initial stages, gum diseases can be treated with non-surgical methods. In advanced cases, surgical methods like flap surgery are necessary to combat gum problems effectively. But when it comes to safety, many people have this doubt in their minds –  Is flap surgery safe? If you have a similar doubt, then read the information provided below – brought to you by Complete Dental Solutions Noida. 

We will be discussing Is flap surgery safe and what are the aftercare instructions that you need to follow for better healing and eliminating the risks of any complications. Without further delay, let us get started.

Is flap surgery safe – Factors affecting safety

Preoperative check-up significance

To ensure that the flap surgery is safe for you, our team of experts will do a thorough preoperative checkup to know your eligibility. It is important to discuss your general health condition, any medications you are currently taking, and any past dental experiences.

Knowing all the details will help our experts plan the surgery in a better way and ensure complete safety.

Proper precautions

Every surgical treatment has its pros and cons. But with proper precautions, we can eliminate the cons and get the maximum out of the pros for ourselves. Flap surgery is used for treating many gum problems, and the risk of infection is increased when proper precautions are not taken. Following the instructions of our gum experts at Complete Dental Solutions Noida is vital for a speedy recovery and eliminating the risk of complications.

After surgery tips – Is flap surgery safe

It takes up to 7 days, depending upon your initial condition, to recover from the flap surgery. The aftercare instructions mentioned below will help you recover smoothly and swiftly.


  • Take all the medicines as prescribed.
  • Use cold pack compression intermittently on your cheeks to relieve pain and minimize swelling. 
  • Do not spit or rinse forcefully for the first 24hrs
  • After 24 hours, gargle with salt water gently to minimize swelling and relieve pain
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity for a week
  • Use pillows to elevate your head to reduce the chances of bleeding
  • Avoid eating solid food during the first few days after the surgery
  • Switch to a soft diet for the initial few days
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke

Is flap surgery effective?

The effectiveness of flap surgery is mainly dependent on the aftercare regime you follow. It’s 100% effective if you maintain good oral hygiene after the surgery. Your gum health is fully restored, and it turns normal in color when healthy. Failure to maintain good oral hygiene will lead to failure of flap surgery. 

The bottom line – Is flap surgery safe

 In conclusion, gingival flap surgery is safe and effective if you abide by the instructions given by your dentist. It is important to understand the importance of good oral hygiene and follow instructions for a speedy recovery. With the right care, flap surgery can do wonders for your gum health and help restore your healthy smile.


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