What causes black gums


What causes black gums – Causes and Cure

Just like teeth, gums also play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of your smile. The colour of your gums is determined by various factors and can indicate some underlying medical conditions. However, in most cases, you can opt for gum depigmentation or gum bleaching if you are unhappy with how your gums appear. Now you must be wondering what causes black gums, then hold on. 

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss what causes black gums and what the possible treatment options available at Complete Dental Solutions Noida are.

What causes black gums

Dark gums have several causes, and the treatment depends on the causative factor. It is in your best interest to get your complete clinical examination done before proceeding with the gum bleaching treatment. Our team of experts at Complete Dental Solutions Noida will comprehensively examine your gums and formulate a customised treatment plan accordingly. 


Melanin is the natural pigment in the body responsible for skin colour, hair, eyes, and even gums. In some individuals, a genetically large production of melanin leads to dark gums. If there has been a generalised dark pigmentation of gums since starting, it is not a matter of concern. However, if we see dark patches on the gums that have suddenly appeared in recent times, then it needs prompt professional help.


Smoking is a major cause of pigmentation of the gums. Nicotine in the smoke leads to dark-coloured gums and also affects the healing capacity of the gums to an extent. 

Medical conditions

Rare medical conditions like Addison’s disease that affect the adrenal glands have a noticeable effect on the gum colour.


Certain medicines commonly used, like minocycline, have also significantly contributed to the gums’ hyperpigmentation. Individuals having the sudden appearance of dark gums after starting the medicines must immediately report to the doctor.

Trench mouth

A gum condition characterised by gum pain, fever, and bad breath that is often accompanied by dark gums. It is a dental condition that needs immediate attention. 

Gum depigmentation Methods

Surgical Gum Depigmentation

The traditional method of gum depigmentation uses the scalpel blade method to remove the hyperpigmented layer of gums. It is done under local anaesthesia and is entirely painless. This method requires extreme precision, but proficient gum experts can easily carry it out. The recovery period depends on the depigmentation amount and the surgical site exposure during the process. 

Laser gum depigmentation

The latest method of gu bleaching uses dental lasers to remove the hyperpigmented layer. Several advantages of Lasers make them a preferred choice when compared with surgical methods. Laser gum depigmentation is a highly precise and accurate method of gum bleaching and is often associated with a faster recovery time. It is a single-sitting method that involves multiple small sessions depending upon the amount of desired depigmentation.


There are various causes of dark gums, and it is important to know the cause before proceeding with the gum-bleaching process. Laser gum depigmentation is a method that is most preferred in modern dentistry for faster results and speedy recovery. 


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