What is an Emax crown – A Brief Overview

Dental caps or crowns are prostheses that aim to restore the form and function of weakened tooth structures. There are various materials that are used for the fabrication of dental crowns. One such durable variant of crowns is Emax crowns. Now, if you are wondering what an Emax crown is, hold on as we briefly discuss it. In the information provided below, we will discuss what is an Emax crown and what are its benefits – brought to you by Complete Dental Solutions Noida

What is an Emax crown?

Emax crown is composed of lithium disilicate and has properties like superior aesthetics of zirconia, but it is stronger than zirconia. Emax crown is a preferred type due to its aesthetics and strength. This combination makes it a preferred choice. It is mainly of two types – standard and monolithic. The standard variety has two layers – inner coping and outer covering layer. The coping layer is responsible for strength and durability. The outer covering is for aesthetics. 

The monolithic variety has only a coping layer, which is responsible for its superior durability. 

Advantages of Emax Crowns

Providing Strength

The main function of a crown is to restore the normal function of the mouth. The crown material plays an important role, especially when people have teeth clenching. Emax crowns are a preferred crown option for people with bruxism. Due to its high flexural strength, it resists cracking under high stress. It is best suited for areas with expected high biting force. 


The dental crowns should have two main properties. One is the strength, and the other is natural aesthetics. The crowns should mimic the natural teeth and enhance the overall appearance. Emax crowns are a great combination of strength and aesthetics. The translucent quality of the crown gives them a natural appearance. Due to their ability to match the natural teeth, they are a preferred choice. 

Conserving Natural Teeth

While the primary aim of a crown is to restore the damaged tooth, we still want to protect the remaining of our natural tooth. Since Emax crowns are strong, they can resist cracking even in their thin layers. Since it can be fabricated in slim layers, we do not want to alter your teeth much, thus conserving the remaining natural tooth. The tooth preparation for emax crowns is minimal compared to other variants of crowns.

No Allergic Reactions

There are people who are allergic to metal components in crowns, so it is important to have one such crown that is metal-free but still caters to your strength needs. For all your strength and durability concerns, Emax Crown is your answer. 

The Bottom Line – What is an Emax crown

There are many varieties of dental crowns available. Emax crowns are a superior variety of dental crowns that offer superior aesthetics and the required strength. For more details and a customised plan for your case it is in your best interest to get your complete dental examination done by our experts at Complete Dental Solutions Noida


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