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Dr. Manasvi Behl holds her bachelor’s degree in dental surgery from ITS dental college and Hospital, Muradnagar (2007-2012).  She completed her Post Graduation Diploma in Epidemiology  from Public Health Foundation of India (2016). She also holds a MBA degree in healthcare services from Apollo Hospital (2018).
Dr. Manasvi Behl is a passionate family dentist who focuses on creating a feeling of health and well-being for you and your family.
With her goal to help each person regain oral wellness and a lasting confident smile she provides full range of general and cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental crowns, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, gum care, dental care for children and smile makeovers. Her warm and empathetic nature is key in developing lasting relationships with her patients and helping people of all ages improve their health.
Before Co-founding Complete Dental Solutions, she enjoyed working both in clinical and non-clinical areas of dentistry. She was working in reputed dental clinics across Delhi- NCR. Later she was head of department of Public Health division of a US-India based enterprise UE Lifesciences – a med-tech company making early detection of cancer accessible and scalable to people globally.
She is trained in Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation (Conscious Sedation) for managing anxiety in dental patients and give them a pain-free dental experience.
She is also a member of the Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry (IAACD).
She takes keen interest in updating herself from time to time by attending CDE programs, conferences and workshops in the field of dentistry to make use of the best and latest techniques and technology to provide most effective dental treatment to her patients.
She is also working in the field of tobacco cessation, helping people quit tobacco and products. She creates awareness about the ill effects of tobacco and motivates people in ceasing tobacco dependency. She was Former President of ATTAC Society (Aim to Terminate Tobacco & Cancer).
In addition to providing high-quality dentistry, Dr. Manasvi also  volunteers her time to various community service organizations working in the field of oral cancer prevention and awareness, tobacco cessation, women’s health and empowerment.
She received Excellence Service Award from Integrated Diabetes Wellness Society for her services at National Association of Blind, New Delhi.
She is presently Director- Governing Council of Meira Global Foundation: working to make a difference in life of vulnerable children and women.
Dr. Manasvi’s mission in life is centered around serving the society and strongly believes that screening for diseases leads the way in preventing and controlling healthcare problems. R11egular health checkups can be an effective way to do the same.
She and whole team at Complete Dental Solutions have been holding regular dental checkup and awareness camps at various organizations like:
BankIT, Noida
FCM travels, Noida
RWA, sector-41, Noida
Gyan Mansarovar, Brahmakumaris centre, Panipat
JJ colony, sector-4, Noida.
Apart from dentistry, she is a follower of Brahmakumaris Rajyoga meditation and her hobbies include painting and dancing.

Dr Manasvi’s

My Story

Queuing up for a dental checkup while I was in primary school all of 7yrs and making sure that I wipe my teeth (maybe to remove plaque, don’t know how I knew about it back then) just before entering the school’s clinic for my dental checkup from 2 dentists who were checking my whole class. Got a very warm Hi from the dentist who checked my mouth thoroughly and I was given a star on my checkup card. It was very encouraging and from thereafter, dental checkups became a ritual every year.

Slowly this dental awareness in me culminated in noticing other people’s smiles. I started noticing how their teeth aligned and how the smile lines would fall on people’s faces. Little did I know that teeth and smiles would become such an integral part of my life so many years later.

Talking of the time when I was appearing for entrances, I got selected in medical, engineering and dental. I chose dental thinking that sometimes it’s not us who opt for a career, sometimes the career opts for us. Dentistry didn’t happen by chance, there were two people in my life who wanted me to be a dentist- My grandfather and my math tutor.

Unfortunately, I lost both of them before I could complete my graduation. Both the incidents made me more determined to live their wishes and there was no looking back thereafter.

After completing BDS, I got married to the love of my life, Prashant who happens to be a CA. (Fun fact- both dentist’s day and CA day are celebrated on the same date). We had plans to move to the USA, so MDS took a back seat.

From college days I had a keen interest in creating awareness and working towards the prevention of oral problems and I volunteered with various NGOs. A dear friend founded an NGO named ATTAC (aim to terminate tobacco and cancer) and I was the president of the same. With a group of friends, we started working in the field of tobacco cessation and oral cancers apart from practicing full-time clinical dentistry.

I was working in reputed dental clinics across Delhi- NCR. I went on to do my post-graduation diploma in epidemiology from the Public Health Foundation of India and MBA in healthcare services. I enjoyed working both in clinical and non-clinical areas of dentistry.

Me and Prashant did make it to the US, but life had different plans and we moved back to India. Around that time while we were still planning on coming back I got an opportunity to be the head of the public health division in India for a US-India-based enterprise UE Lifesciences – a med-tech company making early detection of oral, breast and cervical cancer accessible and scalable to people globally.

Whether I was working in a dental setting or screening hundreds of people in a day I learned one thing that people fear pain and that fear neglects their health even more.

Fast forward to February of 2018, on one occasion I mentioned to my friend who is more like a family to me Dr. Garima Malhotra about starting her own dental practice and within minutes of that we both ended up deciding to have one together. In a span of few days, we had our first practice by the name of COMPLETE DENTAL SOLUTIONS on 18th March 2018. Over time we spread our wings and had the second Branch in September 2019.

With the Vision – To eliminate the fear of dental treatment from everyone’s mind we introduced conscious sedation in our practice to alleviate patient’s anxiety and fear of the dental treatment and are working towards the same goal each day.

Sometimes you have a good reason to opt for something and through your journey, you find the real reason. My real reason came after knowing the fact that true happiness lies not so much in material gains, but in the intention of serving people well


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