Tooth Extraction in Noida

Tooth Extraction in Noida – There are 3 types of surgeries.

1. Tooth extraction

2. Wisdom tooth removal

3. Apicoectomy

Tooth Extraction in Noida
Cost starts from ₹ 1500
We as conservative dentists don’t prefer extraction of teeth unless and until mandatory, tooth can’t be saved by any procedure. Tooth extraction in simple words means removal of teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Noida
Cost starts from ₹ 5000
The wisdom tooth is the most common problematic tooth in adults. It usually erupts at 17-25 years of age.

Cost starts from ₹  10,000
It is a procedure done to save your tooth from extraction. As we know, if the third layer of the tooth which harbors tooth nerve and vessels is infected we can save the tooth by root canal treatment. 
Sometimes resistant bacteria form a biofilm that doesn’t respond to normal root canal treatment. In 2-5% of cases, in which root canal treatment fails or teeth that are associated with cystic lesions have to be treated with a surgical procedure also known as an apicoectomy.

Tooth Extraction in Noida – Conditions in which tooth extraction is indicated are:
1. Vertical fracture
2. Grossly carious teeth 
3. Grossly carious root stumps
4. Impacted wisdom teeth

Tooth extraction has a lot of myths associated with them, the most common being whether tooth extraction has any effect on my eyesight. Tooth extraction does not affect eyesight. Both are absolutely unrelated – Tooth Extraction in Noida

Why is a wisdom tooth is the most problematic tooth?
The age at which a wisdom tooth erupts is the age by that time our complete jaw growth is over. Because of reduced breastfeeding, change in dietary habits of kids from raw food (salads, fruits, sugarcane) to refined food (junk food, soft foods) and other genetic factors our jaw is not getting stimulus to grow to its proper size. Therefore, smaller jaws are not able to accommodate 32 teeth. Hence they stay in bone with various angulations and creating trouble. 
If wisdom tooth eruption is incomplete in the oral cavity, it acts as a site of food lodgement leading to tooth decay wisdom tooth as well as in adjacent teeth too. 
So it is better to get wisdom teeth timely if it has partially erupted and you want to save your adjacent teeth from tooth decay.


Tooth extraction
Cost starts from ₹  1500
This procedure is done under local anesthesia. First, we apply topical spray which will numb the area where we need to inject so that you will feel very little discomfort during injection. After that anesthetic shot is given. Once the tooth and nearby tissues are numb, with very fine instruments we move your tooth and take it out. You might feel little pressure during the procedure and have that feeling of the tooth moving but there is no pain.
If you are scared of needles and fear dental treatment, we do have the option of doing the procedure under sedation. In which you won’t feel anything and on top of that you won’t remember anything. 

Wisdom tooth removal
Cost starts from ₹ 5000
Wisdom teeth removal is a minor surgical procedure that requires expertise and skills for your experience to be painless and comfortable.
Here at the complete dental solutions dental clinic in Noida, we have a team of experienced dental surgeons. Wisdom tooth removal is done by an expert MDS oral and maxillofacial surgeon to make your extraction experience smooth and comfortable.

Cost starts from ₹  10,000
In this procedure, we reflect the gums; approach the infection which is lying in the bone below the tooth directly through the bone. Clear that infection, place the gums back in position and suture. Sutures are going to be removed after 1 week. 

Tooth Extraction

No, they are not painful, you might feel pressure during tooth extraction. Every patient has a different pressure-bearing threshold. Some patients don’t even get to know anything, some might feel little pressure, some might feel a lot of pressure and describe it as pain( but these kinds of patients are only 5%).
You can resume your normal routine immediately after an hour. Certain diet and other instructions you need to follow that are easily manageable.
A wound is created after tooth extraction which heals on its own. In 6-8 weeks bone will form in the area where the tooth was present.
If you will not follow instructions, post-treatment time can be uncomfortable and painful.
Single tooth extraction usually doesn’t affect face shape but multiple tooth extractions will make you look old.
Due to inflammation at the site of extraction, it usually subsides in a couple of days. Follow post instructions properly especially rinses with a mix of 1/4th teaspoon tata salt and tolerable hot water almost every 2 hourly.
Conditions in which tooth extraction is indicated are : 1. Vertical fracture 2. Grossly carious teeth 3. Grossly carious root stumps 4. Impacted wisdom teeth
Yes in most cases it cannot be saved by any other means that is too painless.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You might feel little pressure during the procedure and have that feeling of the tooth moving out but there is no pain.
Not always, if the wisdom tooth is tilted and creating problems like tooth decay, food lodgement, cheek biting, pain on chewing, pressure pain, difficulty in mouth opening then we should get them extracted.
No disadvantages, it’s a vestigial organ, you don’t need to replace it.
It’s a myth, wisdom tooth removal has no relation with eyesight.
Yes, you can, but you have to take a soft diet for few days.
You can be, we at complete dental solutions provide you the facility of conscious sedation/ laughing gas sedation in which you will not feel anything and moreover you won’t remember anything.


The procedure is not painful but you might feel that we are doing something in your mouth. If you are feeling anxious about the procedure you can opt for conscious sedation/ nitrous oxide sedation which makes your experience super comfortable.
Root canal treatment is treating the infection through the center of the tooth whereas an apicoectomy infection is treated directly approaching the bone. Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure and done in cases that are not responding to root canal treatment.
If the procedure is successful, it usually lasts a lifetime. But root canal treatment and crown should be properly done.
We need to remove the tooth.
Yes, it saves natural teeth.
Yes provided the quality of RCT and margins of the crown should be proper and good oral hygiene is being maintained.
if any symptoms after root canal treatment are not subsiding or there is a big lesion below your teeth.

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Doctor’s visits are sometimes real pain, but we try to be there for you when you need us, at your preferred time. Simply follow these few steps to ensure a stressless visit.

Post Surgery Instruction:

  • Keep cotton/gauze in the mouth for one hour by maintaining firm pressure. You might feel salivary flow has increased, that is normal, keep on swallowing saliva otherwise, you won’t be able to maintain firm pressure.
  • If bleeding doesn’t stop, change the gauze piece and bite onto it for 1 hour more and contact us.
  • After 1 hour removes the gauze pack with clean hands, take medicines with normal or cold water.
  • Eat ice cream or drink anything cold 
  • Always keep your head elevated.
  • Apply ice near the site of extraction on the cheek from outside at regular intervals every hour.
  • Avoid drinking aerated or fizzy drinks
  • Avoid drinking through a straw.
  • Do not rinse your mouth or spit.
  • Don’t eat anything till the anesthetic effect wears off as you may end up biting your lip, cheek or tongue.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything hot for 24 hours
  • Do not smoke and avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Do not eat hard foods from that side.
  • Do not keep hand or hanker-chief near the extraction site from outside for long as it might lead to increase swelling.
  • Brush your teeth normally; only avoid brushing near the extraction site for the first 24 hours.
  • If you are experiencing some pain, take the medication that has been prescribed to you.
  • If you were prescribed antibiotics for this treatment, continue to take them for the specified time period, even if the symptoms go away.

After 24 hours

  • Rinse your mouth 7-8 times a day with warm water and salt (1/4 tsp of tata salt in 250 ml or 1 cup of water).
  • After 24 hours start having hot food/drinks.
  • You may have difficulty opening your mouth. It should come back to normal after four to five days.

Please take a moment to read these instructions. Please ask for clarification if you have any questions call us at 9315658190. 

The following instructions must be respected to promote healing. Note that it is normal to experience some discomfort and swelling after the surgery.


Follow the steps to get your treatment done.





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